A Simple Tourist Guide For Visiting Margarita Island

January 24, 2014

Margarita is an island in Venezuela located in the Caribbean Sea. It has become one of the most romantic hot spots for couples everywhere due to its naturally tropical climate and numerous beach attractions that many tourists find relaxing and exciting at the same time. Margarita island Venezuela was founded in 1525 and has become the largest island of Nueva Esparta.

dreamstime_m_23761609The beautiful tropical climate of this part of Venezuela makes it optimal for 320 days of sunshine each year. Its coastline boasts over 50 beaches dispersed along a 106 mile long coastline. Since the climate is quite warm throughout the year, it is one of the top tourist attractions for Europeans and Americans alike.

Accessing The Island

Tourists are able to access the island via air travel or by ferry. Ferry rides provide access to the island from Venezuela’s mainland located at Puerto La Cruz. Tourists are also able to transfer their cars, motorbikes and trucks to the island.

Located southwest of the Venezuelan city of Palomar, the Del Caribe-Santiago Marino Caribbean National Airport is a host to a number of airline companies servicing all areas of Europe, Canada, the United States, South America and the Caribbean.

Getting Around Margarita Venezuela

Tourists are able to get around the island using several different types of transportation. It is advisable for tourists to carry small denominations of local currency as much of the transportation is serviced by small local companies that are unable to provide sufficient change.

1. Taxis

Tourists often have to negotiate with taxi drivers prior to hiring them. In some cases, taxis can be chartered for an entire day. Since most taxi companies offer fixed rates, travel around the island using a taxi service is quite affordable.

2. Por Puesto

This type of transportation is what can be best described as a shared taxi service and much more functional than a hired bus service. Locals often use this method of transportation as the por puesto travels a fixed route and offers a much more affordable alternative to getting around the island. However, using this service can make for much slower travel.

3. Buses

Only daytime travelers are able to use the local buses and they must be flagged in order to pick up new passengers. The fares are affordable, but this method of travel may be too old-fashioned for some tourists.

Things To See

Margarita Island received its nickname as the Pearl of the Caribbean for a good reason. It is a true treasure with breathtakingly different types of scenery featured on the west side and the east side. Much of the island’s entertainment can be found on the east side such as golfing, surfing and nightlife. The west side of Margarita Island can be best described as a scenic desert with a long coastline.

Jungle scenes and an indigenous village can be the perfect travel destination, and tourists can enjoy natural wonders such as the Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the entire world).

The tropical island of Margarita boasts a wonderful experience to tourists of all ages. Whether one wants to relax on the beach, enjoy clubs or swim with the dolphins, Margarita Island has it all.