All About Merida Venezuela


January 24, 2014

The city Merida is a city in the South American country, Venezuela. It is the capital of the state with the same name. Merida Venezuela is also one of the major cities located in the Venezuelan Andes.

merida venezuealaLocated in a large plain in the Chama River valley, Merida is at an altitude of 5,249 ft above sea level. On the horizon Venezuela’s tallest mountain, the Pico Bolivar, stands tall at 16,338 ft.

The plants in the middle of the city consist of medium and tall trees as well as ferns. To the south, large coniferous forests are what you will find. Towards the west seasonal jungle plants thrive. In the north and east are cloud forests, forests that are covered by fog most of the time.

Merida Venezuela has a subtropical climate, meaning that it’s not hot enough to be considered tropical, but not cool enough to be considered a temperate climate. Due to it’s higher altitude it’s cooler than many of the other cities in Venezuela. The temperature varies very little over the course of a year, with the average temperature being 59 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season is May through November. Merida gets more sun than most other cities in the Andes, because the valley it sits in is too narrow for fog to settle in.

Sports seem to be a very important part in most cultures. In Merida, given it’s location, many different extreme sports are practiced, as well as tennis, basketball, baseball, and traditional Venezuelan sports, but by far the most popular sport is soccer.

There are many things to do and see in Venezuela, and Merida is one of the top cities to check out. One of the most popular attractions has been the Merida Cable Car, which was closed in 2008 to be rebuilt and should open again mind 2014. There are many parks and squares in Merida. They include the Aquarium Garden, Beethoven Park, Three Meridas Park (Parque Las tres Meridas) and the Merida Botanical Garden. There are also many old cathedrals, churches and other old buildings that some people may find interesting to look at.

There are many museums in Merida, too. They include the Archaeological Museum, Archdiocesan Museum, Museum of Science and Technology, Museum of Colonial Art, Museum of Modern Art, and the Juan Felix Sanchez House of Culture. One interesting thing that not many people know is that Merida’s Archdiocesan Museum houses the world’s second and third oldest bells. The Ave Maria bell that dates back to 909 A.D. and the San Pedro from the year 912 A.D.

Shopping includes the Las Tapias and Alto Prado shopping malls are located in Merida, and you can also watch the latest movies there. Another interesting place to go is the Coromoto Ice Cream Parlor, which offers the most ice cream flavors anywhere with a Guinness World Record of nearly 1,000 choices including spaghetti and cheese, black bean, onion, carrot, beef, avocado, mushroom, garlic, egg, as well as the more common flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

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