Touring Venezuela: Come See Why!

January 23, 2014

Venezuela tourism has always been a hot topic, but more and more people are flocking to this South American country for a unique vacation experience. Venezuela is just north of Brazil and features the longest coastline along the Caribbean Sea and beaches along the Atlantic as well. Angel Falls, the largest waterfall in South America, is a marvelous site, and Venezuela is also home to the Orinoco River, the 2nd largest river in South America. Featuring great cuisine, natural beauty and some of the best beaches, cities and attractions in South America, it’s easy to see why taking tours of Venezuela is on the rise.

Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital and considered one of the most modern cities in all of South America. On the flip side, preserved colonial architectures are everywhere in Caracas, which are definite draws for travelers and their pictures. You can check out museums, malls, some of the best restaurants, and don’t forget to really satisfy your cultural curiosity by visiting the local art galleries.


Caracas is your cosmopolitan experience, and you need to also venture down to Carupano for your small town coastal getaway. Imagine the paradise awaiting here along the Caribbean Sea, with its magnificent beaches. Complete with a locally famous carnival that invites tourists to let loose and enjoy this tropical oasis, Carupano is definitely a must.


There is plenty of colonial architecture in Caracas, but if you really want to venture into Venezuela’s past, Coro is your spot. Coro was the previous capital of Venezuela prior to Caracas, and the historic downtown area is a cultural hub of not only Venezuela but South America and the entire world. Considered a World Heritage Site, you’re going to want to make sure you find the time to stop by Coro.

Ciudad Bolivar

If you want to visit Angel Falls, you need to catch a flight out of Ciudad Bolivar. You can’t leave Venezuela without setting eyes upon this beautiful natural wonder and taking pictures. This city is also a great connection to Brazil if you’re wanting to venture to this South American country as well while vacationing in Venezuela.


Are you yearning for some adventurous outdoor activities? While much of Venezuela is developed, there is some very unique and beautiful natural terrain. This city is situated along the Andes Mountains, and it is also a great spot to see one of Venezuela’s major universities.

With all the beautiful sights to see and activities beckoning your participation, you’re going to want to plan an extended vacation. Venezuela tourism has much to offer, and you’re able to spend up to 90 days in the country sightseeing without needing a visa. When traveling to Venezuela, the airport of choice is the Simon Bolivar International Airport, 30 minutes outside of Caracas. You are going to find the currency exchange rate very satisfactory, getting you more for your money. If you’re ready for that vacation in paradise and a very cultured experience, now is the time to visit Venezuela.