The Ultimate Venezuela Travel Guide

January 24, 2014

Although Venezuela is better known for the politics surrounding the oil and the charismatic president who runs the country, it is also known as a tourist destination that is full of action. Venezuela is endowed with a variety of different landscapes. Sandy tropical beaches, enormous wetlands, famous rivers, huge mountains, quaint colonial towns and unexplored jungles are just some of the geography that is waiting for you when you visit and tour Venezuela. This Venezuela travel guide can be your source of great information when you are ready to enjoy a wealth of activities and experiences.

mapVenezuela is a country that is located in South America. The country has two shorelines; one borders the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the other borders the Caribbean Sea. The western part of the country shares a border with Colombia, while the eastern side shares a border with Guyana. Brazil is located south, and it helps to link the air and sea routes between North and South America.

Originally inhabited by the Arawak and Carib Native American tribes, the country was later claimed for Spain by Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s. Spain ruled Venezuela from afar, and allowed each region to develop separately from the country’s capital, Caracas.

The country has grown and developed into a major oil producing company, and is also one of the most popular countries in South America for tourism. There are several travel destinations that you must visit when you are taking a vacation in this region.


Located between the majestic mountains and the sandy shoreline of the beach, Caracas is an urban city that is full of culture, architecture and wealth. Although it is a city that is proud of its past, it is also a country that is excited about its future.

Not too far from the city’s edge is Parque Nacional El Avila. The forested slopes contain hidden walking trails and cable car rides. It is an exciting and exhilarating escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you enjoy nightlife, Caracas will not disappoint. Night clubs absorb the energy from the night, and the cuisine that is available in the city is some of the best that is offered in Venezuela.

The Angel Falls

Have you ever wondered where the largest waterfall in the world is located? When you visit Venezuela you will have the chance to visit Angel Falls. It runs into the second largest river in South America which is the Orinoco.

There is one thing that tourists who are planning to visit the Angel Falls should be aware of. The waterfall is located in dense jungle. Tourists must fly from Puerto Ordaz in order to reach the camp that serves as the base for the waterfall.
River trips are generally scheduled only between June through December. This is the time of year when the river is deep enough for the wooden boats to travel safely across.

When you are ready to take a Venezuela travel vacation, you should be aware of a few travel precautions. Tourists should avoid traveling within 50 miles of the Colombian and Venezuela border. There are many illegal activities that occur along the border that can increase the chances of tourists being subjected to a dangerous and volatile environment. However, the incidents are few and far between, and Venezuela is a beautiful country that has much adventure waiting for tourists to enjoy.