Venezuela Holidays – What To Do When On Vacation


January 23, 2014

Venezuela is a country with a long history and rich culture. As such the traveller on holiday will find that there is far more to do in the country than their time will allow. Because there is so much to see in the country it is advisable for the traveller to do some research in order to have an idea of what they will want to do and where they wish visit given whatever time constraints they are working with.

venezueala beach
One of the most popular Venezuela holidays to take is a visit to the Andes mountains. The country encompasses a wide swath of the mountain range in its North Western corner and it is quite the site to behold. To take full advantage of what the mountains have to offer the traveler should pay a visit to the city of Merida.

With a population of roughly 200,000 the city of Merida is large enough to really give the vacationer a sense of what living in the country is like. The city is home to one of the longest cable car rides in the world. This is a ride that is not for the feint of heart as it will take them high up into the mountains. The architecture of the city is breathtaking. Merida was founded in 1558 by Captain Juan Rodriguez Surez so the architecture was heavily influenced by Spanish colonialism.

Another one of the most popular places to go in Venezuela during your holiday vacation is to some of the nature reserves that are scattered throughout the country. Venezuela is a place that has gone through great lengths to make sure that much of the natural splendor and wildlife that is native to the region is protected for future generations to see. Travelers can take advantage of this and arrange an in depth tour of the Amazon jungle, an event that no one should miss out on. What makes these tours so incredible is that they will take their tour groups on expeditions along miles of dense jungle that is completely unspoiled by the touch of man.

Of course if it is beaches that the traveler is seeking on their Venezuela holidays then the country will not let them down. One of the greatest things about visiting the beach in this country is that it is far less densely packed with tourists when compared to other South American destinations like Brazil. This allows the traveler to get an authentic flavour of Venezuela while still experiencing all of the luxury that they would want from a beach side resort.

Venezuela is a beautiful country with a lot to offer the person visiting on holiday. From the rich culture, the famous landmarks and unspoiled nature, all the way to the incredible food and architecture, this is one country that is not to be missed. Remember that there is so much to do in this country while on vacation a bit of careful planning before arriving is a very good idea.