Visit Mount Roraima: Venezuelan Nature Calls

January 24, 2014

If you’re planning a trip to Venezuela, one of the must see sites is the natural beauty of this great mountain of Roraima located within Canaima National Park. Unique plant and animal species abound throughout Guyana’s Highland Range, and the geological formations beckoning your exploration are some of the oldest around the globe. Picturesque Mount Roraima is the highest peak within the mountain range and a tourism hot spot.

mount roraimaWhile trekking through the shrubs and mountainous terrain, you’re likely to see the Roraima Bush Toad, part of the Bufonidae family. You’re not going to see this creature anywhere else in the world, and while pictures and sightseeing are okay, these toads are not to be handled.

Myths and legends from long ago surround the history behind this mountain including one unique folk tale about the mountain being the stump of a tree that during ancient times produced all the world’s fruits and vegetables. The mountain was also the setting for a two hour documentary filmed in 2006 called “The Real Lost World.” Explorers ventured along the same path of 19th century explorers who were searching for the unique species of plants and animals that are still found there today.

It is rumored that Arthur Conan Doyle’s book “The Lost World” was inspired by the explorers that visited this mountain. As well, this mountain inspired the setting in select parts of the Disney movie “Up.” There is even a bonus feature on the DVD of the “Up” crew taking an adventurous hike up the mountain to gather inspiration prior to filming.

No doubt the walls of this mountain are steep before you reach the plateau at the top. However, a designated route was discovered at the end of the 19th century by explorer Sir Everard im Thurn. This happens to be the path that average adventure seekers are able to use today in order to see all that this mountain has to offer. While this is the case, most of the backpackers do hire local guides to help them climb the mountain. The reason for this is not just the climb but the fact that it’s actually quite easy for people to get lost while they are exploring the top of the plateau.

If you’re planning on making the trek up the mountain and getting the full experience, you need to allot a week’s time. To get to the mountain’s base requires a two day travel time, and then you take the path to the summit, which requires another full day. With a two day return time, that is five full days of travel, and most people like to spend a day or two on top of the mountain for further exploration, picture taking and relaxation.

Are you ready to head to Venezuela and see the magnificent beauty of Mount Roraima? Perhaps you’re a hiking enthusiast, or maybe you’ve never had an adventure like this before? Either way, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime when venturing to this unique mountain.

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